Episode 1: Introductions

Here we are! After months of bated breath, we’re finally releasing our first episode. You’ll hear us refer to the podcast as “The Preservationists” because we decided just before it’s release to change the name to Preserving Spaces. It seemed appropriate to match the name of the podcast with the name of the entire project, since they’re so intimately intertwined.

Initially, I wanted to keep the podcast name The Preservationists because I hope to discuss more than just the preservation of spaces. I know there’s a lot out there to explore on this topic, and I hope that we will branch out from our narrow beginnings. However, the word “preservationists” is so long and difficult to spell… we became concerned that it would be hard to find and even harder to make a decent logo for. So we changed it, and we love it!

With that said, this podcast Zac and I introduce ourselves and the overall scope of this project. We’re hoping that we will find a small, but passionate audience and we’re both looking forward to hearing from you all and working together to make something meaningful. So here it is: Episode One!

Go easy on us…

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