About Us

Preserving history with equal parts passion, technology, and cooperation.

Preserving Our History Through Virtual Reality.

Our entire project was started by Kyle Scharf after he added Matterport technology to his business ProLocal in 2018. Kyle received his BA in anthropology with a focus primarily in archaeology and historic preservation. As a professional photographer since 2005, he originally hoped to document culture and archaeological stories for magazines and newspapers. That never happened, and he never got his dream job curating a museum either. Instead, he continued working as a photographer shooting various things, eventually landing primarily in the real estate industry. Finally, Kyle decided to do what he’d always done and build for himself what he couldn’t find in the world and he started Preserving Spaces.

Inspiring Preservationists

From creating virtual reality experiences for the general public to consulting and building interactive museum exhibits, Preserving Spaces aims to combine technology and passion to help inspire passion and educate anyone who will join us.

Preserving Spaces offers their services to local museums, historic sites, and more to help them tell the unique story of their history. Located in Huntersville, NC we currently focus on telling the history of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Lake Norman region of North Carolina. 


Giving Back

Outside of offering historic preservation services, Preserving Spaces offers grants to work on smaller projects which don’t have the means for full-scale preservation services. We often include these locations in our free-to-visit online virtual reality museum, so the general public can learn about their history.

Our podcast and media outlets work to raise awareness to local historic sites and businesses as well as occasionally helping to raise funds for those historic sites.

We truly believe that telling history can be just as fun as it is important, and want to make it accessible to all!

Our Mission

We want to inspire passion and love for historic sites across the country. We want to foster efforts to further preserve sites. We want to document them before they’re gone, damaged, or altered for new use. We want to make it so anyone anywhere can visit, regardless of physical limitations like time, ability, access, etc. It’s our goal to create the same love and passion for history and our past that we have. With any luck, people young and old will learn something new about the past. At the end of the day, we want people to take a profound interest in the past so we can shape a brighter future.

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