Preserving Spaces

We’re just people who just get excited about telling history and small stories in as many ways as possible!

Preserving Our History Through Virtual Reality.

Driven by our love for technology and telling stories, Preserving Spaces aims to tell small stories in innovative new ways. We strive to invite everyone into spaces and places that they otherwise may have never had access to. By working with local governments, historic sites, museums, and private property owners, we are able to open new doors and tell old stories. Some of our favorite ways to do this are with virtual reality, audio and video formats, and all kinds of new and innovative media! We promise you will never seen history the same way again! Come along with us on an exciting journey as we learn more about our culture and history together!

Our Dream

We want to inspire passion and love for historic sites across the country. We want to foster efforts to further preserve those sites. We want to document them before they’re destroyed, damaged, or altered for new use. We want to make it so anyone anywhere can visit, regardless of physical limitations like time, ability, access, or agency.

With any luck, people of all ages, ethnicities, and abilities will learn something new about our shared past. At the end of the day, we hope people will find a profound enthusiasm in this history so we can shape a brighter future.


Inspiration Through New Experiences

At our core, Preserving Spaces is the combination of history, art, and technology. We are a team of enthusiasts and professionals in our fields. From telling stories, to creating full-scale immersive virtual worlds, to planning and building interactive physical experiences, Preserving Spaces is always exploring and pushing the limits of what we’re capable of doing.

Currently, Preserving Spaces works with local and town governments, public and private historic sites, private property owners, businesses, schools, and more to preserve history and spark interest in the act of preservation in all forms.

Whether we’re in the studio making 3d models of artifacts, in the field making VR tours, writing and building historic displays, on-site filming and documenting a local landmark, or working with locals to record their oral history, we’re doing it all with love and fervor. 

Inspiring New Preservationists

By implementing new technology and looking for ways that everyone can participate, Preserving Spaces helps to inspire and educate anyone who will join us. With future plans for podcasts, YouTube videos, and more, Preserving Spaces does more than create tools and resources for clients; we want to actually encourage others to take ownership in their history and preserve it in their own ways!

When we’re not working with clients, we’re out in the world experimenting with new techniques and ideas. We work with others to teach them how they, too, can become preservationists and employ non-destructive techniques to document history themselves. Located in Huntersville, NC we currently focus on helping to tell stories in North Carolina and beyond. 


Giving Back

Outside of our historic preservation services, Preserving Spaces offers grants to help subsidize or cover completely the cost for smaller organizations or sites which don’t have the means for full-scale preservation services. We often include these locations in our free-to-visit online virtual reality museum, so the general public can learn about their history. By taking these projects on ourselves, and monetizing them in other ways, we’re able to provide much-needed resources to underfunded organizations while trying to help them raise funds at the same time.

We truly believe that telling history can be just as fun as it is important, and want to make it accessible to all!

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