Downtown Cornelius: 1993 to 2018

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What Is Preserving Spaces?

Time, use, disasters and more degrade or destroy local heritage sites. Our mission is to preserve these historic buildings using virtual reality and digital media. We hope our foster an appreciation for local history and small stories.

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Featured Site

13828 Beatties Ford Road

When this property was purchased to become a sports complex, there were two old buildings which became at risk. The first is this house which was in bad condition, the second was a cabin which is still standing.

The house already had some portions salvaged by the time we were able to scan, and the condition prior to scanning was poor. In order to maintain a safe environment for the sports complex, the structure had to be demolished and no longer exists. Come see the remaining portion of this property just a few days before it was demolished.

For The More Adventurous!

There’s more fun to be had! This project is our passion, and we’re always working to inspire a love of history, technology, and preservation in others as well. As this project grows, we have big plans to bring in community involvement and cooperate with other groups and organizations. If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear from you, in the meantime let’s keep in touch!