Advertising with Preserving Spaces is a great way to get the word out about your business while supporting historic preservation in your neighborhood!

Advertising With Preserving Spaces

Why Advertise On Podcasts?

Preserving Spaces is offering podcast episode sponsorships to businesses looking for new, unique ways to reach their audience. Our podcasts provide an opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential clients. Podcast advertising is most effective when you do it regularly. We are happy to provide some tips for success in sponsoring an episode of our show!

Podcast advertising dollars have lasting power that’s unlike any other form of advertising. Once a podcast episode is recorded and released, the ads are permanent. As long as that podcast episode is online, your business, product or service will be the sponsor. 

Your business can also benefit from the “binge effect.” If you’ve ever binged a program on Netflix or YouTube channel, you know what we’re talking about. Sometimes once you learn about a show, you’ll go back and watch every episode from the beginning of the series. Podcast listeners do the exact same thing.

We’re offering these sponsorship opportunities because we really believe in them. You’ll also get a logo and backlink on our Journal entry for the episode. As Preserving Spaces grows, we hope to add more advertising options, however our primary goal is creating accessible, educational resources. We only pursue advertising avenues which will not interfere with this goal.