13828 Beatties Ford Road

Formerly a 2 story + basement home, this site is now owned and maintained by the Community School of Davidson along with the surrounding property which is now a sports complex.

About This Site

Along with nearly 40 acres of surrounding property, this building was purchased by the Community School of Davidson. Their intent for purchase was to turn the surrounding property into a sports complex. Unfortunately, they deemed the house structurally unsound and it was demolished mid May 2019. Before demolishing the house, the CSD allowed for some salvage work to be done for personal use and to raise funds to preserve the old cabin which is also on the site.

Preserving Spaces is working closely with several local organizations to learn more about this property and tell its story. As we are able to do so, we will update this page. If you have any information on this building, or know someone who would like to talk with us about the history of the building, please contact us.

Photos From The Site

Too Late!

Normally this is where we would post the contact information and hours of the site so you could visit. However, this site no longer exists and is now a sports complex. We encourage you to visit the complex and support CSD in their efforts to preserve and use the other structure on the site.