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Learn about our application and approval process, as well as our requirements to approve a site for a scan. If your site is ineligible for a free scan or you have a commercial site you’d like scanned, please visit

Applying For Consideration


Thank you for your interest in allowing Preserving Spaces to scan, document, and preserve your historic site for future generations to learn about and visit. This is a free service offered by ProLocal, a real estate photography company. We are a small team, and use our own time, resources, and industry knowledge and skills to create each project. Because of our limited resources, we have to individually qualify and approve each scan. Please review our requirements below before filling out an application for consideration.

Our dream would be to scan EVERY historic site, large or small. In practice, we have to be selective for the time being. However, with enough support and the success of our other ventures, we can scan and preserve even more sties.

Requirements for eligibility


  • Must be a site of historic significance. This means a site that is 50 years old or older and has some significance or story that pertains to the local environment, community, or culture. Being old is great, but being old with a story is better. Some sites that are newer than 50 years could qualify too, if they’re historically significant.
  • Must not be a commercial property. We understand some historic sites have been purchased and/or used for commercial uses such as weddings or events. While these sites are still eligible to appear on our website, if they fall into the category of being primarily commercial use rather than primarily educational, we may charge a fee to scan.
  • The site must be allowed to appear on our website We also provide access to the scans for your own website, but part of our project is building an archive of properties for visitors to experience. We always link to the official website for the sites and try hard to provide traffic to you.
  • The site must be willing to participate in our ancillary projects such as our podcast. As a feature of our preservation efforts, we want to create audio and video resources such as a podcast and YouTube channel to create more interest in these sites. For these resources, we may interview people on the site or we may do independent research to include in our resources.
  • The site must be able to allow us to scan without visitors present. We can schedule the scan before or after business hours, but we require that there are NO people in the tours.
  • More requirements may be added, and some may be amended if necessary.


Is this site primarily commercial or educational?

Do you have existing multimedia resources for the site (photos, videos, etc)

Would you be interested and/or willing to partner with Preserving Spaces for things such as discounts for our visitors or special events?

Can you provide someone who can speak knowledgeably about the history of the site to guest on our podcast or videos?

Can our team have access to any and all locations to be scanned?

Can our team have access during or after regular hours or when there are no visitors?

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