We Need Your Help!

We need your help! We’ve got several ways you can help from free ways to monthly payments and merch for sale if you’re so inclined!

How Can You Help Us Out?

Thanks for coming to this page! We’re so happy you’re interested in how you can help our project. Right now our goal is simple: get people excited about their cultural heritage sites across the country through the use of technology and entertainment. Hopefully our efforts will lead to increased awareness, love and preservation efforts all over! For us, few things are worse than seeing a site destroyed or damaged because of a lack of love from the community (or sometimes even from too MUCH love from the community!).

However, this project is also independently funded. Originally founded with the help and resources of ProLocal, we hope the project can grow beyond being a side project. While we’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into creating free content for what we believe is a great cause, we could use more help. Help financially is great, but even if you cannot help in this way, there are free ways to help too (see below!).

Help For FREE

We’re not just asking for money here, there are plenty of free ways to help Preserving Spaces!

The best way you can help is by spreading the word! Tell everyone about us, share our content online whenever you see new stuff! Just be a great fan and share the love. In addition, here are some more COMPLETELY FREE ways to help us out:

Subscribe to our YouTube & Podcast – We create some free content in the form of Podcasts and, hopefully soon, YouTube videos. Subscribe on those platforms, give our media a listen/watch, and like and review if you can!

Use our Amazon Affiliate Link – An Amazon affiliate link donates a portion of your Amazon purchase to Preserving Spaces and helps us generate a revenue for the project at no additional cost to you outside what you were already buying! Bookmark the link below and use it just like you’d normally use Amazon next time you’re shopping! Everything’s there including your Amazon account!

Use our content – We created this content for YOU. So use it! Use it in your classroom, as entertainment for the kids instead videos or games, just for fun, to plan a trip… However you want to use the content, just do that.

Invite us to your event – This project has a great opportunity to inspire. We would love to come to your event and talk about it. We love having people talk with us, and we’d love to talk to you!

Spread the Word – Refer us and share our content on your favorite social media platform. Just send them back to www.preservingspaces.com and we’ll do the rest!

Use our models on your project – Our models are open source and we create them for everyone. If you decide to use one, place a link to our website with it!

Share your ideas with us! – Let us know any other ideas you have!!!

Hire Us

We’re not just making content for our Podcast and YouTube. We are also available for hire! We have worked with developers, governmental agencies, and non-profits to create quality, immersive media content for their projects. From a museum display to archiving exhibits, we’re here to create quality historic content.

Join Patreon

So much content is free these days, and artists are asking for contributions which their fans find acceptable. It allows everyone to enjoy our content, and it allows those who can support us to assign value to the product. We’re not here to guilt anyone, we just ask that if you love what we do you consider helping us to continue doing it in one way or another!

Social Media Kit

Use these resources to share with friends and family and help get the word out!