We Need Your Help!

We need your help! We’ve got several ways you can help from free ways to monthly payments and merch for sale if you’re so inclined!

How Can You Help Us Out?

Thanks for coming to this page! We’re so happy you’re interested in how you can help our project. Right now our goal is simple: get people excited about their cultural heritage sites across the country through the use of technology and entertainment. Hopefully our efforts will lead to increased awareness, love and preservation efforts all over! For us, few things are worse than seeing a site destroyed or damaged because of a lack of love from the community (or sometimes even from too MUCH love from the community!).

However, this project is also independently funded. Originally founded with the help and resources of Kyle’s business, ProLocal, we hope the project can grow beyond being a side project. While we’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into creating free content for what we believe is a great cause, we could use more help. Help financially is great, but even if you cannot help in this way, there are free ways to help too (see below!).

Help For FREE

We’re not just asking for money here, there are plenty of free ways to help Preserving Spaces!

The best way you can help is by spreading the word! Tell everyone about us, share our content online whenever you see new stuff! Just be a great fan and share the love. In addition, here are some more COMPLETELY FREE ways to help us out:

Use our Amazon Affiliate Link – An Amazon affiliate link donates a portion of your Amazon purchase to Preserving Spaces and helps us generate a revenue for the project at no additional cost to you outside what you were already buying! Bookmark the link below and use it just like you’d normally use Amazon next time you’re shopping! Everything’s there including your Amazon account!

Use our content – We created this content for YOU. So use it! Use it in your classroom, as entertainment for the kids instead videos or games, just for fun, to plan a trip… However you want to use the content, just do that.

Invite us to your event – This project has a great opportunity to inspire. We would love to come to your event and talk about it. We love having people talk with us, and we’d love to talk to you!

Share our content – Share our content on your favorite social media platform. Use anything we create and credit us. Just send them back to www.preservingspaces.com and we’ll do the rest!

Use our models on your project – Our models are open source and we create them for everyone. If you decide to use one, place a link to our website with it!

Share your ideas with us! – Let us know any other ideas you have!!!

Support Us Once

Any financial support of any size helps. If you love what we’ve done, and you feel inclined to help, we’re happy! A one time donation helps us reach our financial goals and keeps this project running. With enough support, we are able to continue focusing time, resources and effort to creating Preserving Spaces.

Support Us Monthly

So much content is free these days, and artists are asking for contributions which their fans find acceptable. It allows everyone to enjoy our content, and it allows those who can support us to assign value to the product. We’re not here to guilt anyone, we just ask that if you love what we do you consider helping us to continue doing it in one way or another!

Our Current Goals

We can’t very well ask for your help without telling you what we’re working towards, can we?

Equipment & Software

Photogrammetry and 3D Virtual Reality modeling along with LiDAR, aerial drones and other high tech tools are expensive. While a lot of our current equipment and capabilities are provided by ProLocal, there’s a lot of niche and specialty equipment which could help Preserving Spaces specifically. We have a list of equipment and software we are pursuing to help increase the quality and experience of the final product.

A few things on our wishlist are:

  • Leica BLK 360 (integrates seamlessly with our existing 3D tour system to allow outside tours in addition to interior tours)
  • Metashape Pro software
  • Various camera bodies and lenses
  • Various long range aerial drone equipment

We don’t need everything right away, but our access to bigger and better equipment and software allows the quality of our finished product to be better.

Hosting & Processing Expenses

Each scan costs money to process and multiple aspects of the project incur monthly hosting expenses. We need to generate revenue to cover theses costs.

Some of these costs include:

  • Website hosting
  • Scan processing
  • Scan hosting
  • Podcast hosting
YouTube Channel

We want to make more video content. While part of Kyle’s full time job is making videos, it’s tough to make videos you’re being featured in, especially when they effectively generate $0. We’d love to pay some videographers to film for us, and possibly even edit. When we can do this, we can take the podcast endeavor to the next step with regular video content!

Bottom line, videographers or otherwise, we need some help creating the wealth of content. We’re starting off with a little less content goals than we’d like. We can do more than the scans and the podcast, but we need to keep expectations in line with what we can handle ourselves with our current individual situations.

Preserving Spaces Network

We love Preserving Spaces, history, archaeology and learning new things. And our fans do too! We want to develop an independent network specifically for historic preservation and cultural heritage entertainment. We want podcasts, YouTube channels and multimedia projects like ours.

And, best of all, we want to bankroll them! We want to provide the resources needed for talented and knowledgeable people to get out there and make some great content!

Getting Kyle Full Time

Right now Kyle is running this project part time. While he loves owning and working for ProLocal, his dream job would be to provide jobs to photographers via ProLocal and create his passion with Preserving Spaces. To do this, Preserving Spaces needs to become commercially viable enough to support an income for Kyle and his family. Fortunately his existing businesses subsidize this expense for now.

Getting Zac Full Time

Zac is a harder sell.

He’s employed full time in the tech industry, and getting him to leave will be a hard ask. He’s got all his benefits and a regular salary. With enough success, Preserving Spaces can provide Zac with enough income to consider leaving his current employment status and joining the team full time!

Hitting The Road

Preserving Spaces applies to so many other places. We want to hit the road and make seasonal content across America. To do this will be a massive challenge. Kyle’s dream is to give his family an education on the road, seeing all America has to offer while letting you all in along the ride!

We’d love to take small sections of America and take Preserving Spaces there for short periods throughout the year, then come back and make a season’s worth of material for those areas. You’ve seen YouTubers and Instagrammers do it, but have you ever seen anyone doing it in the VR space? We want to be among the first!

Let’s get a trailer and do this!

Social Media Kit

Use these resources to share with friends and family and help get the word out!